What we provide

We provide services for Software Development, Cloud Applications Development, Developing e-Commerce Solutions, Mobile and Web Applications Development, Training and Staff Development.

Software Development

The economical, efficient and easy to use (EEE) software solutions development is our area of focus.

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e-Commerce Solutions

Providing e-Commerce solutions, Selection of Tools and Techniquies and selection of Business Logic to run the e-Commerce Business.

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How do we work?

We provide services for Business Process Autimation, Software Solutions, implementation and Software Support Services. Machines Integration with software systems and support services for Staff are provided. All projects are initiated after thorough study of the customer requirements and ascertianing the clear cut goals to be achived.

  • System Study and Defining Requirements.
  • Setting the Goals to be achived.
  • Deciding about financial considerations.
  • Working with Target oriented approach.
  • After Sale Support Services.
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Requirement Definition

Defining exact requirements for proposed solution.

Setting Goals

Setting clear cut goals to be achieved for proposed solution is crucial for project success.

Economic Solutions

Ensuring that project is mos=t economical and fits in the customer Required Solution Needs.

Feedback/ Follow-up

Project completion is accompanied by Feedback, Follow-up activities.

Application Areas

Wide range of application areas are covered by our expertise and skills including Trading, Manufacturing, LPG Distribution, Machinetools Supplies, Garments Retailers, Departmental Stores, Currency Exchange Companies, Logistics, Consulting and many more.

Inventory, Accounts

For Trading, Installment Sales, Machine Tools Supplies, Stockists, LPG Distribution Companies, Logistics.

GST Sales, POS

For Garments Retailers, Departmental Stores, General Stores, Supply Chain and distribution companies.

Curency Exchange

Complete Software Solution for Exchange Companies ensuring maximum compliance covergae for State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and other Regulators.